Compassionate Noticing

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“Longing to learn how to make observations, as part of your NVC practice?
Compassionate Noticing is the single most effective practice I’ve seen so far,
for building this capacity.”  — Vika


This mindfulness practice (developed by Eric Sucher of Portland, OR) offers an extraordinarily powerful, direct pathway to opening our hearts and bringing us fully available to All of Life, at authentic choice, from moment to moment … regardless of circumstances.
I had been devoted to my personal development for 35 years, including nearly 10 years of studying NVC (Compassionate Communication), when the addition of Compassionate Noticing to my practice utterly transformed my ability to live my values in moments when, before, I could only react.

A profoundly beautiful, nourishing practice, Compassionate Noticing cultivates our capacity to remain present & Be With everything we experience, just as it is.

We’ve found that holding a “witness” perspective — observing our own internal experience (body sensations, emotions, thoughts, etc.) and then intermittently & very briefly reporting that experience to the group — often brings us into an experience of spacious, compassionate acceptance for All That Is, that participants consistently say is among the most wonderful experiences of their lives.

Although the heart of the practice is to both Witness our experience and to allow ourselves to HAVE our experience, just as it is — with no agenda or intent to change anything during the time of the practice — paradoxically we often find that this practice transforms or dissolves even our most extreme pain. (For more about transforming and dissolving pain, CLICK HERE.)

Perhaps loveliest of all, as we practice over time we find ourselves more and more able to meet with our own and others’ upsets, defenses, fears, and constrictions with compassion, presence, and heart-centered choice.

If you value living a heart-open, heart-centered path…


If you long to connect more deeply and more tenderly with yourself and those you love…


If you wish to expand the experience of Peace on Earth for yourself and others…

Compassionate Noticing practice may be a pathway to support the real-ization of these dreams in your everyday life. (It has been for many of us.)



The Compassionate Noticing PROCESS

  • Sit quietly in a comfortable position. (You can lie down, just be aware that you’re more likely to fall asleep.)
  • Eyes can be open or closed; feel free to try each, and notice how each contributes to you
  • Take a few deep breaths, letting the air fill your belly as much as possible.
  • Notice the following things as they arise:  sensations in your body, feelings/emotions, thoughts, impulses.
  • From time to time, report very briefly on what you’re noticing, in just a few words. (Take care not to use reporting as a way to share with others; the purpose of reporting is to deepen your awareness and experience of what’s going on inside you in the present moment.)
  • Leave 3 to 6 deep breaths of silence between the last person’s report and your own.
  • Report no more often than once per minute (ideally less often than that).
  • After some time, you may sometimes notice that your mind has fallen silent, and you feel peaceful, whole,and complete. There may be a feeling of ease and spaciousness, gratitude, joy, etc. You may wish to notice this experience; you may wish to report on it; or you may wish to simply sit silently and enjoy it. All choices are valid. (See below for reporting examples,and suggested guidelines for your meeting organization.)
  • Please CLICK HERE for important REPORTING guidelines.


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Click below for a 4-minute audio summary of key Compassionate Noticing REPORTING guidelines. (Please be sure to listen before joining us for the first time.)


Click below for a sample of a full Compassionate Noticing phone meditation (recorded November 2015).

  • Welcome and Check-Ins (0-2:51 minutes)
  • Questions (2:51-9:50 minutes)
  • Compassionate Noticing Practice (9:50-38:45 minutes)
  • Debrief – What Was It Like? (38:45-53:47 minutes)
  • Closing – (53:47-end)


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Current Compassionate Noticing Groups

Compassionate Noticing in-person and phone groups are currently meeting:

  • Tuesdays, 11am-12:30pm (inner SE Portland)
  • Thursdays, 10am-11:30am (PHONE)

I request a contribution of $10 to $20 per group (or what you can afford).

(Half of all 2016 contributions will go to Eric, the creator of this process. In 2017 and beyond, 10% of all contributions will go to Eric.)


Have questions? Want to try it out?  Click here and let me know. I look forward to connecting with you!