Professional In-Kind Needs

If you’ve been touched by what I offer and/or how it’s contributed to your life, and you’re inspired to support my efforts, or if you’d like to participate in my classes offering partial cash payment with equitable exchange (in-kind offer), here are the areas of professional support that would make a wonderful difference for me:

  • CLICK HERE for the kinds of support I’d be most delighted to receive now!
  • CLICK HERE for information about my personal needs that can be met by equitable exchange (in-kind)
  • Referrals to individuals and organizations who would enjoy the difference our work can make in their lives, their relationships, and their business
  • Entry-level Administrative support, including WordPress and other website maintenance (if you can edit a document, you can help me update my website)
  • Social marketing setup and/or maintenance (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.)
  • PR and marketing assistance
  • Advanced email marketing IT person
  • Database maintenance
  • Premium WebCart setup and maintenance
  • Writing and formatting teaching materials
  • Customer support
  • Videotaping support (recording classes & workshops)
  • Webinar tech support
  • Grant writer


Interested in contributing to what I’m creating in the world? Click on the “Contact” button below and let me know how you’re inspired to partner with me!