Reach Me, Open Me

Reach Me – Open Me is a community conversation where we come together to discover how we can deeply reach and open fully to each other in our most emotionally intimate connections.

Held in a deeply reverent, respectful, authentic space, the wisdom of compassionate community emerges and transforms our understanding of ourselves, each other, and what causes those moments of bewildering disconnection — when our attempts to to create something wonderful between us, instead creates pain and distance.


For example…

Did you know that when you ask some people about their experience,  feelings, or values and they consistently “doesn’t respond” …

it’s very possible not only that they heard you, but that they’re deeply honoring your question?

That they’re taking time to open their inner world and bring your question into the center of their being, so that they can mindfully and carefully consider it, and then bring you the gift of their fully present answer?

Did you know that when you speak into the space of their “nonresponse” with more information, confusion, impatience, hurt, irritation, or disdain before they’ve had time to complete this inner journey, it can feel confusing, shocking, or even a bit violent to them? That it can seem to them that you don’t honor or care about the heart of their being, or don’t really respect or value them?


OR, did you know that for some people the words you speak to them go straight into the center of their being?  And that when you speak unkind or harsh words (which impact the brain in the same way that fists do), the tender, vulnerable part of them that longs to open fully to you on every dimension, including sexually, will often close with shock and bewilderment and hurt?

And did you know that they will wait for you to realize your mistake, express your heartfelt dismay and regret, and find a way to instead create a deeply safe space for them to blossom fully in your hands? That they will trust and respect you more if, when you make a mistake, you honestly acknowledge and repair it under your own initiative soon after?


So many of us don’t know these and many other tender, powerful truths about “what works” for those we long to be closest to.


In this tender, respectful community conversation we’ll share our authentic, transparent experience, and discover together what we can do to understand and honor each other in ways that Reach Me, and Open Me.



We hope you’ll join us.



A willingness to bring your open, authentic heart and to honor your own and other’s truths with respect, compassion, shared humanity, and a willingness to “get” the real impact we have on each other.






Vika Miller, MA and CNVC Certification Candidate (on hiatus)


  • Friday, December 15, 7:00-9:30pm (PORTLAND, Inner SE)

(Location details provided with your confirmed registration.)


$65-$45 sliding scale, per person



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