Our Thrive Webinars offer a chance for anyone to drop in and explore topics, questions, challenges, and tools that strengthen our capacity to TRULY THRIVE in our everyday lives.


At the beginning of each webinar, Vika provides an overview of the topic, creating a Thriving Life container of compassion, dignity, shared humanity, authentic power, and humor.

Then the space will be opened for us to weave together our questions, challenges, experience, discoveries, and wisdom.



To support you in enjoying happier holidays, we’re offering 3 juicy webinars before Thanksgiving! 

Your first webinar is FREE (choose any live or recorded webinar).



  • 75 minute presentation and community exploration
  • 45 minute OPTIONAL in-depth community discussion
  • mp3 recording automatically emailed to everyone who registers


In a quick 2 hours we’ll “look under the hood” of being human, and with humor and clarity explore things like:

  • CONTROL and PERFECTIONISM (Tues, Nov 14, 4:30-6:30pm Pacific):   Is “control” a need?  If not, how do we make sure things work out for us?  What are we really longing for, in our perfectionism?  And what does any of this have to do with respect and healthy boundaries?  This holiday season CAN be different!
  • CONNECTING BEYOND THE WEATHER (coming very soon – I’ll be rescheduling this event, I’m tending to a sick animal):  The holidays are coming. We’ll be spending more time with people we might not know very well, or feel very close to.  With politics WAY more difficult to navigate peacefully these days, is the weather really the only thing we can talk about? (Especially if we’re not into sports?) How can we connect with others in ways that feel genuine, meaningful, and nourishing without being either too vulnerable or too superficial?
  • HAVING YOUR “OUCH” BE HEARD (GIVING FEEDBACK)/HEARING CRITICISM (coming soon!):  Something has happened, and it really didn’t feel good to you or someone else.  You both want to get it resolved, and you’d be willing to talk about it, but you can remember so many times when talking just made it worse.  What’s going on here?   How can we say “ouch” (give important relationship feedback) and really be heard, taken seriously, and have things actually go differently in the future?  What can we do when we hear what seems like unfair criticism coming at us, and naturally want to defend ourselves?

  • UPSETS OF ALL FLAVORS (coming soon!):  What’s going on, in those moments when we suddenly feel intensely angry, appeasing, fearful, confused, or numb?  Does it really mean that we or somebody else is “bad” or “wrong”?  Why does that only seem to happen with certain people, and how can we stay in the driver’s seat of our life more of the time?   (For more on this topic, see the Thriving Fundamentals Seminar – Solve the Mystery of Your “People Problems.”)
  • RESPECT (coming soon!):   What is “respect” and why is it so important?  Can respect be earned or lost?  What’s going on, when people who say they “love” us don’t seem to “respect” us, and what can we do about that?
  • TRUST (coming soon!):   What do we mean, when we say we “trust” someone?  How can we tell if someone is trustworthy?  And how can we heal when our trust has been broken?
  • LOVE (coming soon!):   What is love?  If it’s so great, why does it hurt so much?  What creates the foundation for healthy relationships between parents and kids, romantic partners, and the other people we feel attached to? How can we get the love and the peace and harmony that we’re longing for?
  • HELPAHOLISM and CODEPENDENCE (coming soon!)
  • PERFECTIONISM (coming soon!)
  • SELF-LOVE and SELF-CARE (coming soon!)

  • VALUES and INTEGRITY (coming soon!)
  • and more…


Come dip your toe in and:

  • Enjoy the Community of Like-Hearted Others
  • Reconnect with and Share Your Inner Wisdom, Authentic Power, and Peace
  • Get Support and Empowerment Around What Challenges You
  • Discover New Ways to Blossom Your THRIVING


Participants will get to choose whether their video is shown or not, and also have the option to participate only by telephone.

Recordings are provided to all who register; if you can’t participate live, don’t worry, just register to automatically get the recording.

VIDEO PARTICIPANTS: Please use a headset when participating, this ensures you can hear us and we can hear you. Even a $15-$20 headset makes a big difference.

ALL PARTICIPANTS: Please be in a quiet location when participating, this helps us create a quality event and recording.





Vika Miller, MA and CNVC Certification candidate (on hiatus)



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