Welcome to Your Thriving Life!


Because that’s the meaning and purpose of your Life:



(Without domination, exploitation, or any other dehumanization or devaluation of others.)


Life is not about pursuing happiness.

It’s about learning how to BE happy. 


The kind of happiness that arises naturally and effortlessly from within us, when our most genuine life-needs and dreams are nourished and fulfilled … without debilitating struggle.

Real happiness is what we feel, in our life and our relationships, when we’re THRIVING.


If money, property, and status don’t buy happiness, then
why are we pursing them?*


Yes of course, we need a certain amount of money and stuff in order to survive.  Too many of us are having to struggle just to do that:  just to survive.

The tragedy is that no matter how much money, property, or status we have, we’re all working so hard to be good people and have good relationships and enjoy some basic happiness and security ... and still not experiencing all of these absolutely essential elements of a fundamentally thriving life.

If it seems to you that experiencing ALL of these is “asking for too much” … that is grim evidence that you’ve been taught to believe survival is the most you can hope for.

And that is just dead wrong.


It’s your birthright to THRIVE.
It’s your nature to enjoy positive, nourishing,
trustworthy relationships.


If you want to move beyond surviving and pursuing happiness …

if you want to know how to be genuinely happy within yourself, and also deeply happy with others who are fulfilled being with you …

you’ve come to the right place.

The Thriving Life Approach integrates key elements from Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Relational Neuroscience, and Attachment Theory with the “real life, real human”-based  principles, distinctions, and practices that I’ve discovered over 45 years research and testing.

Research and testing I did because my own life and happiness depended on it.


The result?


A way of perceiving, understanding, and communicating that:

How our "Broken Toes" Sabotage our Relationships

Discover the Hidden “Broken Toes” that Sabotage Our Relationships!

  • transforms our relationship with our own and others’ pain, fear, anger, and other “negative” emotions … that creates enormous clarity, safety, freedom, and joy
  • creates a deeply safe, accepting, compassionate environment that leaves us free to be everything we are — our real selves — with others
  • clarifies what truly contributes to our well-being (=happiness), so that we can focus our efforts on what actually works to make our life more wonderful
  • reveals what’s really causing our conflicts with other people, and shows us how to dissolve these misunderstandings so we can experience the natural satisfaction, inspiration, communion, and joy that our relationships are meant to give us


When we hold THRIVING as the fundamental purpose and goal of all our endeavors — from our personal relationships to our economics, politics, education, health care, and other social institutions — we become free to create the abundantly joyful, healthy, wonderful life that’s our birthright. (And discover perhaps the only pathway that can truly heal our hurting world.)


Come discover what’s possible.

We’ve been waiting for you.



Vika has made a significant contribution to me
and to NVC worldwide through her teaching that

needs are pathways to thriving,

thriving is what creates real happiness,

and that those around me
— clients, students, friends, family, coworkers —
will only be as authentic as I am

Her integration of brain science, NVC, Attachment, and
her own Thriving Life principles is so extraordinary,
I’ve integrated key elements into my own work.

— Fred Sly, PhD, CNVC Certified Trainer



* There’s a red-pill answer to that question, if you’re interested.





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