Brainspotting & Coaching Sessions –
      Appointments, Packages, and Payments


I’m delighted to support you in creating the thriving life and relationships that you want, as quickly as possible!

You can schedule both BRAINSPOTTING and COACHING sessions here.

(Special financial circumstances? See * below.)


NOTE: I’ll be in the Bay Area August 10-19,
available for sessions August 14-19.
(Concord or your location.)

Brainspotting (BSP)

  • Single sessions are $160/hour  (Note: 90 minutes is strongly recommended, $240/session)
  • Package #BSP1:  three to six 90 minute sessions are $195 each ($130/hour)
    • 3 sessions $585
    • 4 sessions $780
    • 5 sessions $975
    • 6 sessions $1,170
  • Package #BSP2:  seven or more 90-minute sessions are $160 each ($107/hour)


Relationship Coaching (RC)

  • For couples, parents and adult children, siblings, coworkers, neighbors, and other relationships
  • Single sessions are $160/hour  (Note: 90 minute sessions are recommended, $240/session)
  • Single sessions with a Brainspotting Package purchase are $130/hour, $195/90 minutes
  • Package #RC1: three 90-min RC sessions are $595 ($132/hour, save $125)
  • Package #RC-BSP2: three 90-min RC sessions, four (total) 60-min Individual Coaching sessions, and four (total) 90-min Brainspotting sessions are $1795 (save $525)


Breakthrough Clarity and Individual Coaching (IC)

  • Sessions are $160/hour
  • Single sessions with any Brainspotting Package purchase are $130/hour
  • Package #IC1: three 60-minute IC sessions are $375  (save $105)
  • Package #IC-BSP2: three 60-minute IC sessions + three 90-minute Brainspotting sessions are $875  (save $325)


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I look forward to supporting you!


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* Seriously motivated but a student or experiencing special financial circumstances? Explore alternative payment options and make a Mutual Support Proposal here.













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