Healthy Boundaries – The Path to THRIVING

The Power to THRIVE


“Mind-blowingly helpful.”

“I feel a lot more connected, a lot more peaceful,
a lot less depressed.”

“It was a life-changing class.

“I learned to figure out what mattered to me.”

“Having [my] boundaries heard & respected was … a new experience.”

“[I participated virtually and] I still stay connected
with several people in the class.”



It’s our birthright to THRIVE, and yet most of us work way too hard to create what we’re hoping for, only to end up exhausted, with really unsatisfying results.

Did you know that most of our challenges in life and relationships come down to needing better boundaries?

The heart of thriving relationships and NVC is about setting healthy boundaries in ways that honor and support everyone’s thriving.


In this remarkable program, you will:Healthy Boundaries_video_screenshot_r

  • Discover Exactly What Healthy Boundaries Are, What Weakens And Strengthens Them, And Why Your Health and Your Life Really Do Depend On Developing Them
  • Learn The 2 Feelings and 3 Questions That Can Empower You In Most Any Boundary Situation
  • Restore Your Connection With Your Inner Compass — so that every day you can identify and live from what’s truly important to you
  • Discover How To Recognize The “Choice Points” In Your Life — moments when it’s absolutely essential to set healthy boundaries (or pay a price you don’t want to pay)
  • Learn The #1 Sign That You’ve Entered The Boundary Danger Zone
  • Identify And Resolve The Hidden Life-Needs And Values That Are Blocking You From Getting What You Really Want
  • Transform Persistent Anxiety, Confusion, Anger, or Resentment Into Confidence, Clarity, Satisfaction, Connection — And Peace

By the third session, you’ll experience a distinct shift in your effectiveness in a specific area of your life that’s important to you.

By the end of the program, you’ll experience a sense of belonging, calm, freedom, and fulfillment that you might never have imagined possible … that is your BIRTHRIGHT. And you’ll know how to continue to build your power to thrive in all the other areas of your life.

Come join us for this extraordinary journey … and claim what really matters most to you.

This is a Thriving Life + Applied NVC course. If you want to begin a powerful new relationship with your feelings and needs, and learn how to make life-connected observations and requests in your everyday life without formulas or awkward language, this course is for you! (Even if you’re new to NVC, if you’ve been practicing NVC for decades, or even if you’ve taught NVC.)


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“Mind-blowingly helpful.
Learning how to have boundaries breaks down walls between you and others
so that you can have that connection. This class has been really beneficial for me.
I feel a lot more connected, a lot more peaceful, a lot less depressed.”
— R.B., Portland, OR


“It was a life-changing class.
I’d heard about boundaries, I thought I was good at it, and I really wasn’t.
I had lost myself … over a lifetime of addictive relationships, and spent a lot of time
worrying what other people were doing, what they thought of me, I was always other-oriented.
I learned to figure out what mattered to me, my own core values and core needs.

…[P]racticing how to set a very specific boundary with a former partner was HUGE
and so empowering, and then … having the boundary heard and respected
was just such a new experience for me.

I still stay connected with several people in the class.”
— Becky H., Schenectady, NY


I was surprised by how useful the class was. I didn’t think I needed so much help
with my own well-being and boundaries [but] I didn’t have a good understanding of
what boundaries were. [W]hen I realized how often … I was saying “yes” when
I really very fervently meant “no,” I realized that’s probably a pretty big boundary issue!

Taking the course gave me tools for looking inside of myself to get a feel for when I
wasn’t getting my own needs met, and I’ve been able to take these tools and skills with me.
It’s become second nature to notice what’s going on inside of my body, to notice things like
what stories I’m telling myself, and to notice the physiological effects when I’m shutting down
or wanting to avoid something, and [understand] what that’s telling me, and to
be able to make conscious choices about what to do, rather than just
fleeing, shutting down, or being accommodating.

I do feel it could benefit pretty much anyone to learn and apply those skills,
because when you realize that you matter, and you’re able to get your own needs met,
you can be a much more effective force in the world no matter what you’re doing.”
— Lori L., Washougal, WA, NVC Trainer and Professional Mediator


We covered so much and it’s of such great value.
I’m starting to see why I haven’t spoken up for myself as much as would benefit me.
The daily practice of [asking myself] what would support my thriving —
that’s wonderful, another concept that you brought up that I’ve never heard anyone say before.”
— Karen B., Vancouver, WA


“I’m SO glad I found this class, it’s just wonderful.
It opened this whole boundary thing up big time. I have some friends I’m hoping will take the class,
’cause we’re all dealing with boundaries. Go to Vika’s class, go, it’s a gift.”

— L.G., Salem, OR




This Empowering Program includes:

    • A fully human, authentic, warm, expert course facilitator
    • A caring group of safe, compassionate, resonant fellow-travelers
    • Practice buddy for each session (deeply transformational and community/connection-building!)






Vika Miller, MA



PART 1:  February 5, 12, 19, 2019 (3 consecutive Tuesdays)
Happy Valley, OR


PART 2:  March 2019 (details coming January 2019)
Happy Valley, OR

(NOTE: Part 1 is a prerequisite for Part 2.)


Tuition, Part 1:

  • $0 CareOregon Policyholders (Happy Valley series only)
  • $65 Students and Special Circumstances (partial scholarship program)
  • $125 Standard Tuition
  • $225 Patron Contribution (helps fund our partial scholarship program)


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