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I was surprised by how useful the class was.
I didn’t think I needed … help with my own well-being and boundaries
[but] I didn’t have a good understanding of what boundaries were.
[W]hen I realized how often … I was saying “yes”
I really very fervently meant “no,”
I realized that’s probably a pretty big boundary issue!

— Lori L., Washougal, WA, NVC Trainer and Professional Mediator

“Learning how to have boundaries
breaks down walls between you and others

so that you can have that connection.
This class has been really beneficial for me.
I feel a lot more connected, a lot more peaceful, a lot less depressed.”
— R.B., Portland, OR



Among #MeToo’s many important wake-up calls is the realization that many of us really aren’t very clear about what boundaries are, or what they feel and look like when they aren’t spoken.

In this experiential workshop, we’ll address each of these critical questions, including exploring, noticing, and learning how to responsibly choose:

  • How we use our energy and body language when we ask for something we want:
    • in ways that “corner” or “pressure” the other person, and make it more likely they won’t give us their “real answer”
    • in ways that make it more likely the other person will say what’s really true for them
  • How we use our energy and body language to express and receive “yes” and “no,” including exercises where we practice:
    • EXPRESSING our own AUTHENTIC “yeses” and “nos” to others
    • FEELING these (noticing what they feel like) when others express them AUTHENTICALLY
    • EXPRESSING our own INAUTHENTIC (pressured) “yeses” and “nos” to others (when we say one thing but really want something else)
    • FEELING others’ INAUTHENTIC (pressured) “yeses” and “nos” (when they say one thing but really want something else)
  • What sometimes makes it so intensely challenging to either:
    • Set boundaries where we really want them
    • Respect and accept another person’s “no”


Join us for this clarifying, empowering, honest evening and develop new, healthy boundaries awareness, discernment, and skill that will help you honor and preserve your own and others’ thriving.


This is a Thriving Life + Applied NVC course. If you want to begin a powerful new relationship with your feelings and needs, and learn how to make life-connected observations and requests in your everyday life without formulas or awkward language, this workshop is for you! (Whether you’re new to NVC, or you’ve been practicing NVC for decades.)


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 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guaranteed.

“It was a life-changing class.
I’d heard about boundaries, I thought I was good at it, and I really wasn’t.
I had lost myself … over a lifetime of addictive relationships, and spent a lot of time
worrying what other people were doing, what they thought of me, I was always other-oriented.
I learned to figure out what mattered to me, my own core values and core needs.

…[P]racticing how to set a very specific boundary with a former partner was HUGE
and so empowering, and then … having the boundary heard and respected
was just such a new experience for me.

— Becky H., Schenectady, NY


“I’m SO glad I found this class, it’s just wonderful.
It opened this whole boundary thing up big time.
I have some friends I’m hoping will take the class,
’cause we’re all dealing with boundaries. Go to Vika’s class, go, it’s a gift.”

— L.G., Salem, OR




Vika Miller, MA and CNVC Certification candidate

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Monday, August 13              * REGISTRATION CLOSES 5pm SUNDAY AUG 12 *
6:30-9:00pm Pacific

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Concord, CA*    (Near Hwy 680 and Treat Boulevard;  BART: Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa)

*location details provided with your registration, we want to make sure there’s room for everyone!)




($25 for students and those with special financial circumstances)





100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guaranteed.














* Seriously motivated but short on funds at the moment?  I’m passionate about making this Program available to everyone who wants it, regardless of current financial circumstances.  For more information about alternative payment options that include partial equitable exchange, or to submit a Mutual Support Proposal, click here.



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