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My AMAZING RELATIONSHIPS courses open up unexpected new possibilities for understanding, satisfaction, reconnection, repair, and even compassionate, conscious uncoupling.


Free Intro to NVC & Amazing Relationships (FREE VIDEOS).  Discover the secrets behind human relationships, conflict, and happiness — 24/7! — including:

  • the basic principles of NVC – click here
  • the most common way we sabotage our relationships – click here
  • how to stop saying and doing things you regret later – click here
  • the 3 essential elements of healthy boundaries – click here


Amazing Relationships – Fundamentals.  It all begins here.  In this course for singles and couples you’ll discover:

  • the most essential things you need to know, to make sense of what goes on in your relationship (past or current)
  • why there’s nothing wrong with you, even if your relationships keep not going the way you hope for
  • the Owner’s Manual for Your Brain
  • includes specific tools for managing the reactivity that we all experience at times, and turning the tide for the better in your relationship (or preventing things from “going bad” in the first place)
  • click here for a complete course overview and other details

Amazing Relationships – Mapping, Managing, and Transforming Reactivity
.   Once you’ve learned the landscape of relationship, you’re ready to begin clearing away the things that prevent or disrupt that luminous connection where you feel free to be, express, and be truly loved for your real self (from the magnificent to the everyday to the “warts and farts and ugly parts” that we all have).  Click here for a complete course overview and other details.


I’m delighted to have you join me on the journey!

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