I’m deeply passionate about co-creating a world that honors and supports everyone’s thriving.

I’ve spent more than 45 years studying, testing, and teaching ways of understanding ourselves and others that powerfully expand our capacity to meet life with the clarity, presence, authentic choice, self-expression, freedom, joy, and peace that we believe is our birthright.

And so, I long for everyone to have easy access to the transformational workshops, classes, practice groups, and other events that I offer.

For this reason, I make every effort to provide the highest quality of teaching experiences and learning environments at very affordable prices. I have a policy of pricing my offerings below their market value, and provide a self-selected sliding fee scale for nearly everything I offer.

I also choose to live in a way that doesn’t require a lot of cash money. I do this in part because I understand that most of the things that nourish our everyday thriving can’t be bought with money, and in part because I realize that the more I spend, the more I have to charge for my offerings. I want everyone who wants it to have access to this education, regardless of their current financial circumstances.

I also profoundly value the freedom to spend my time doing this work, recognizing that the burden of a large mortgage or car payment (for example) would require me to work at a “regular” job that would pay me enough money to afford those things, leaving me unavailable to do the work that I most Called to do.

For these reasons, I drive an older car, I live in simple housing, and I do extensive pro bono work with selected clients. In past years I have also volunteered my time to personally teaching inmates at Oregon State Penitentiary, as part of the Oregon Prison Project.

And yet, I want to do so much more. I’m committed to seeing the transformation of human culture from one of survival to one of thriving in my lifetime.  I have extensive plans that are just waiting to be implemented … without diminishing my own thriving.

Will you be my partner in this?

If you’ve been touched by what I offer and/or how it’s contributed to your life, I hope you’ll be inspired to help bring this education to as many people as possible, including those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.

There are many ways you can partner with me, including:

  • sharing my work with others for whom it could make a difference – for example, by forwarding my offering emails to friends or sending out a special announcement tailored just for your email list; inviting a friend or colleague to a Free Introduction; leaving postcards or posting flyers about my offerings events in places you visit, etc.
  • donating professional office or meeting room space
  • offering one-time or ongoing support as a Program or Organizational Volunteer – for example, making simple updates to listings at this website, as well as at the ORNCC and CNVC websites – 2 to 5 hours/month; maintaining the email list; etc.
  • providing financial support as a patron, scholarship funder, or even investor

CLICK HERE for a wide variety of very specific ways you can contribute to my personal and professional capacity to do this work, including if you’d like to request a partial scholarship and make an equitable exchange offer if you have limited financial resources but are passionate about participating in one of my workshops, classes, practice groups, or other events.

I would be delighted to partner with you in any or all of these ways!


Thank you for helping me create a world that supports everyone’s thriving!



Click on the DONATE button below if you’re inspired to make a difference to our human community by offering a financial contribution to Thriving Life Spiritual Community. 


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