Alternative Payment Options


(Please submit your Mutual Support/Alternative Payment Proposal at least 24 hours before your desired event or  at least 7 days before your desired program start date.)


I’m deeply passionate about co-creating a world that honors and supports everyone’s thriving … and so, naturally, I long for everyone to have easy access to the transformational workshops, classes, practice groups, and other events that I and our Thriving Community members offer.

I also understand that money is only one strategy that facilitates exchange of energy and effort between people, and that in addition to financial resources, everyone has access to many other kinds of valuable resources that can make a significant difference for others.

So that everyone can participate in Thriving Life offerings regardless of their current financial situation, I personally am mindful about the resources I consume to support my thriving, price Thriving Life offerings well below their market value, offer payment plans, and also offer part-cash, part-equitable exchange Mutual Support agreements.

At the same time, I ask for your awareness that there are things I myself need for my own well-being that (at least at this time) do need to be paid for in cash, no matter how few resources I consume, including home and office space rental, transportation, energy, health care, cell phone service, website services, printing costs, and administrative support, among others.


Click here to applyIf you’re excited to participate in something I’m offering but at the moment are financially unable to contribute at the standard tuition level, I invite you review the professional and personal equitable exchange opportunities I offer (see below), and then click on the button at right to send me a Mutual Support/Alternative Payment Proposal.



I am fiercely committed to recognizing that, even in this very disruptive COVID-19 time, we ALL have assets and wealth to offer that can contribute to the well-being of others. A central mission of Thriving Life is to recognize that neither well-being nor wealth can authentically measured in or defined by dollars.  Our time and attention, and the capacities and skills that we develop through how we spend that time and attention, are the true wealth that each of us has, that no one can take away from us.

I am a fierce stand to reconnect each of us to this irrevocable, authentic wealth and power to create in and contribute to the world, in alignment with our deepest values.

For this reason, I offer full scholarships — with no exchange of any kind — only under truly extraordinary circumstances. For me, doing so would belie these truths and undermine this passionate stand I take on each one of our behalfs.


For a list of kinds of wealth you may be able to offer to help meet my professional equitable exchange (in-kind) needs, click here.


Here are some examples of wealth you may be able to offer, to help meet my personal equitable exchange (in-kind) needs:

  • *Referrals to your friends, family, employer, coworkers, and/or clients
  • *Personal vegan chef services
  • *60-90 minute deep tissue massage or body work ($75/hour)
  • *Alexander Technique sessions ($75/hour)
  • *Nutritional medicine consulting
  • *Car wash & detailing ($60 value)
  • *Use of vacation property on the Oregon Coast, Mt. Hood (or any other snowy mountains), San Juan Islands, or in a warm, sunny, beach location (Southern California, Baja, Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, New Zealand etc.)  I’d also love to return to Ireland, and to visit Italy for the first time!
  • *Movie gift cards/discounts
  • Everett House or Common Ground hot tub soaking gift certificates (30 minute soaks)
  • Tailor/seamstress services, including making clothes as well as minor and major alterations (value to be negotiated)
  • Free or discounted airfare
  • Please feel free to suggest your own!  It may not be a “fit” for me, but I’d love to hear your offer

Please kindly understand that I don’t always need every item on this list, and that someone else’s equitable exchange may have already met a particular need for me, at the present time. Be sure to let me know ALL the items on this list that could work for you, as well as your own inspired additions! And please feel very welcome to let me know which ones you prefer!


*These items are always favorites


(This list was last updated on October 15, 2020.)

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