Professional In-Kind Needs

If you’ve been touched by what I offer and/or how it’s contributed to your life, and you’re inspired to support my efforts, or if you’d like to participate in my classes offering partial cash payment with equitable exchange (in-kind offer), here are the areas of professional support that would make a wonderful difference for me:

  • <CLICK HERE for a list of my personal needs that can be met by equitable exchange (in-kind)
  • *Audio recording editing, uploading, and publishing to website
  • *Video editing
  • *Marketing Copywriter
  • *Videographer
  • *Referrals to individuals and organizations who would enjoy the difference our work can make in their lives, their relationships, and their business
  • Social marketing setup and/or maintenance (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.)
  • *Web Development
  • *Web Design
  • *Graphic (Logo) Design
  • Administrative support, including WordPress and other basic website maintenance (previous experience required)
  • Event room setup, event greeting, and/or event registration table support
  • Advanced email marketing IT person
  • Webinar support, including live call management (e.g., displaying slides when needed)


CLICK HERE to make a Mutual Support Proposal.


CLICK HERE if you would like to make an in-kind donation to support our work, and let us know what you feel inspired to offer!

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