Personal & Relationship Coaching

“The relationship coaching that [Vika has] done for me and my wife has opened up a new world of connection for us that I never dreamed possible.

The individual coaching that she’s done for me has helped me to release shame and guilt, and learn how to both maintain my boundaries and open up to other people more easily.” 

— David L., Music historian, Author, & Energy Healer, Portland, OR, USA



Are you longing to get fast, affordable, transformational clarity about:

  • what’s really going on and what kinds of authentic, effective action you can take (that won’t drain you)?
  • how to regain your sense of joy and vitality?
  • how to enjoy a sense of relief, confidence, and peace as you move beyond old stuck-points into new possibilities and fulfillments?

Would it be lovely to get more personal, focused support than a group experience or “doing it on your own” can provide?

Inevitably as we make our personal journeys inward to identify, release, and move beyond old, unresolved pain and present-situation upsets we encounter roadblocks, stuckpoints, confusion, exhaustion, a need for a new perspective, more clarity, renewed hope or inspiration, or just a place where All That We Are can be fully Seen, accepted, and embraced with clarity, compassion, welcoming, and tenderness.

We also all experience times when we have real issues with the people in our lives, but can’t see how to

get reconnected to the clarity and personal power that we need to be able to make authentic choices that genuinely support our own blossoming and free us to live our most cherished values.

At these times we really need empowering, enlivening, effective outside support.

Connecting more deeply, authentically, and reliably with our own NATURAL capacity for clarity, choice, and life-aligned action often generates the very shifts in our relationships with others and/or our circumstances that we’ve been so deeply longing for.

My private NVC/Thriving Life coaching sessions for individuals and couples help restore your natural connection to your own inner wisdom, in exactly those areas that are hardest to unravel without attentive, focused, skilled support.

I have more than 30 years of experience in providing transformational support that maClick Here to access Your Complimentary Thriving Breakthrough Consultkes a dramatic difference for my clients in a very short period of time.  I’d love for you to experience the clarity, peace, ease, and joy that’s waiting for you! I can help.


The first step is to schedule your complimentary Thriving Breakthrough Consult


I look forward to the privilege of supporting you in discovering the feelings, needs, and strategies that will contribute most powerfully to your well-being.

                                                                                      — Vika


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