Single RELATIONSHIP Coaching Sessions (for 2 people)

$ 210.00$ 420.00



  • $210/hour
  • Choose In-Person or Zoom Sessions
  • Very highly recommended: both persons complete the Thriving Fundamentals Interactive Video Program before the first Coaching Session.  This will provide profound understanding and relief, create new possibilities for resolving past issues and pain, and create new ways of connecting (or completing your connection with honor and integrity), while saving live session time for deeper, personalized support
  • Required, except in special circumstances: Both persons complete either a Complimentary Thriving Breakthrough Consult and/or a Personal Coaching Session before the first Relationship Coaching Session. This helps ensure that each person’s truth is gotten and honored throughout the session.
  • Your first Relationship Coaching session is 1.5 to 2 hours (your choice)
  • Minimum Relationship Coaching session is 1 hour
  • (Brainspotting is a Personal Coaching modality)



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