(START HERE-DIP YOUR TOE IN) Thriving Fundamentals Interactive Video

$ 125.00


The Thriving Fundamentals Interactive Video:

  • Provides the foundation for all Thriving Life work and offerings, including Coaching, Brainspotting, Workshops, Programs, and Retreats
  • Enables you to save on coaching session time and allow us to go deeper, faster during our time together (a $225 coaching value)
  • You don’t need to wait to get started! Get instant access to the acclaimed Thriving Fundamentals LIVE Workshop content 24/7 with this 95 minute interactive video
  • Your 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed (30-days money back)
  • $60 of your purchase price can be applied to any current or future Coaching, Brainspotting, Workshop, Program, or Retreat purchase (effective video price = only $65). Use coupon code “thrivebig”.





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