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Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life  –  $13.95 (+ shipping from Puddledancer Press)
By Marshall B. Rosenberg – PuddleDancer Press (2003)
Paperback – 240 pages – ISBN 1892005034

NVC_A Language of Life_book cover
Do you hunger for skills to improve the quality of your relationships, to deepen your sense of personal empowerment, or to simply communicate more effectively? Unfortunately, for centuries our culture has taught us to think and speak in ways that can actually perpetuate conflict, internal pain, and even violence. Nonviolent Communication combines practical skills with a powerful consciousness and vocabulary to help you support your own thriving without diminishing anyone else’s thriving.

In this internationally acclaimed text, Marshall Rosenberg offers insightful stories, anecdotes, practical exercises, and role-plays that will dramatically change your approach to communication for the better.

Discover how the language you use can strengthen your relationships, build trust, prevent conflicts, and heal pain. Revolutionary, yet simple, NVC offers you the most effective tools to reduce violence and create peace in your life—one interaction at a time. Over 150,000 copies sold and now available in 20 languages around the world. More than 250,000 people each year from all walks of life are learning these life-changing skills.

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Nonviolent Communication: Companion Workbook – $15.35 (+ shipping from Puddledancer Press)
By Lucy Leu – Puddledancer Press (2003)
Paperback – 224 pages – ISBN 1892005042

NVC_CompanionWorkbook_book cover
Learning Nonviolent Communication (NVC) has often been equated with learning a whole new language. The NVC Companion Workbook helps you put these powerful, effective skills into practice with chapter-by-chapter study of Rosenberg’s cornerstone text, NVC: A Language of Life.

Create a safe, supportive group learning or practice environment that nurtures the needs of each participant. Find a wealth of activities, exercises and facilitator suggestions to refine and practice this powerful communication process.

Whether you’re learning on your own, in a group or in a classroom, this workbook will serve as an exceptional resource for:

  • Individuals: Includes useful activities and ideas for employing the liberating principles of NVC every day.
  • Group Practice: Find guidance for getting started, group process, and activities.
  • Teachers: Provides the basis for developing your own courses, or augmenting an existing curriculum.




Feelings & Needs (“Grok”) Cards & Games – $28 per set (plus shipping)
Created by Jean Morrison and Christine King

GROK is a set of interactive games designed for understanding, listening, communication, and fun! The games are based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a process used and taught internationally to promote peace and resolve conflict with individuals, families, organizations, and governments.

Included in the set are 70 Feelings cards, 70 Needs/Values cards,20 interactive games plus a section summarizing the principles and practices of NVC. The sturdy box has an easy-to-open magnetic lid, and the cards are bright and durable.  (Click on the image to see a full-sized photograph.)

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